A skinny moccachocalatteccino please, extra foam and no whipped cream…

14 Feb

So apparently, there’s a Starbucks in every country now. That’s pretty impressive for a coffee shop. We can’t get a decent cup of coffee anywhere in my home village so I’m glad to hear that at least someone is trying to keep the population caffeinated.

My question is, why do we all love Starbucks so much? It’s expensive, it’s a tiny bit too pretentious, and the place is filled with evil temptations such as the chocolate frappuccino and the delicious, but deadly, rocky road. Also, you feel stupid if you don’t give the size you want in Italian (because that’s what it says on the board, and that’s how everyone else says it) – so as if pronouncing the drink you wanted wasn’t bad enough, you have to attach a phallic metaphor on the end to boot. (sorry, but we all think it when we say the word Grande).

I went through a phase where I refused to go to Starbucks. I didn’t want anything to do with the place. It was pompous and posh. But now I know that really, I was just jealous that I wasn’t those things, and so felt like I didn’t really qualify to drink a skinny caramel macchiato. Even now, as my strike phase has ended, I do feel more posh if I’m walking down the street holding a polystyrene cup with the green woman stamped on it. Starbucks makes me feel special.

Is this why the place is so successful? Has it discovered the way to appeal to the masses? Do we all want a little bit more posh in our lives? It appears that the answer is yes. Take the Royal Wedding for example, love it or hate it, it’s all that we talked about. Kate Middleton – as much as I hate her for her genetic blessings and curse biology for mine, we can’t get enough of her. Even shows like ‘Made in Chelsea’ (a very strange programme about very rich people all drinking too much and doing things in hot tubs) have wriggled their way onto television, and people watch it! I walked in on my sister crying – yes, crying, at the finale of that show and telling me that it was the best show in television.

It seems that however we get it, whether from coffee or reality TV, we all want a piece of that lifestyle. As a Nation, we are craving class, but like admitting that you still love eating jelly tots or smiley potato faces, people are ashamed to admit it.

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