The Real Cookie Monsters

23 Feb

Not once have I ever asked the “cookie VS brownies” question and been met with the response: “neither, I like them the same.” I have had the odd, “I don’t like any,” response, but I categorise these people as insane and pretend the blasphemous comment never occurred. It’s food physics – you always prefer one over the other.

Let me clarify, it is not a case of only liking either brownies or cookies. I love them both (much to my waistline’s dismay), but for me, nothing will ever beat a brownie. Others I have spoken to say that cookies are the irrefutable champion. I have recently been questioning which types of people are attracted to which side of the food fence?

My observations tell me this – cookie people are optimists who make the best of a bad situation. Cookie people tend to like all types of cookies, even if they aren’t gooey enough in the middle. (To me, that’s not a cookie, that’s a biscuit, but what do I know? I’m a brownie person…) Having a goo-less cookie is the risk you take and you still have the option of microwaving the thing for ten seconds to make it perfect. (If you have never done this, do so now. Trust me.) You are happy with what you get, and there is a bigger chance of getting what you want without actually baking it yourself.

You may pick up on my slightly negative stance on how easy it is to enjoy a cookie. This is because I am a brownie person, and for us, it is much more difficult to satisfy our cravings. If you get a brownie that isn’t quite right, you are left with the feeling much the way you do when you look forward to your favourite restaurant all week, and then your friends want to go somewhere else – even though what you eat instead is nice, you still feel unsatisfied incomplete.

It takes years of searching to find the perfect brownie. It has to be gooey on the inside, but not runny. It has to be crisp on the outside, but not overdone. It must contain chocolate chucks which partly melt when baked. It should also go well with custard when served warm as a dessert. My own requirements for a perfect brownie force me to admit that I am a perfectionist, and because of this most of the time, my glass is three quarters empty. The good news is that I now know it isn’t my fault. It’s the brownie makers of the world that have made me this way.

It seems that this long fought debate is the perfect example of we are what we eat. Cookie cravers, I salute you. You are generally content with life and if one cookie out of five is a little off, at least you have the other four to see you through. For us brownie people, this would probably ruin our day. Even though I am very much encamped on the dry and brown patch of the field, and the grass is definitely greener on the other side, for better or worse I’m stuck over here with my quarter cup of milk. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles I guess, but they’re all too busy enjoying life to notice.

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