Addicted to broccoli? Join the FA.

01 Mar


As of yesterday, I have officially gone one whole week without eating chocolate. There will be two responses to this phrase. Those of you who don’t know me will be thinking “And?…” Those of you who do know me will be thinking “Oh, my god, this must be killing her!” It is true, I am somewhat struggling, but I take solace in the fact that there is no chocolate in vanilla cheesecake or blueberry muffins.

Why am I doing this to myself you ask? For some insane reason, I decided to give up chocolate for lent. I think I just wanted to prove to myself that I could actually go 40 days without eating anything containing the gorgeousness that is chocolate. What the hell was I thinking?

I am a full blown chocoholic – and darn proud of it. But my recent withdrawal got me thinking about the support groups out there and how they say that going it alone is harder than having a support structure around us. What is the best way to kick the habit? In light of this, I have decided to launch my very own support group. The FA.

I am not talking about football. I am talking about Food Anonymous. It’s going to be a sensation. I have used similar groups before to help me through my desperate times. When I knew I couldn’t get the result I wanted without help, I joined Weight Watchers, which actually started much the same way I plan on founding the FA. One day, an American woman gathered all her friends round and confessed her love for brownies. They all decided they would combat their addictions for food together and Weight Watchers as we know it was born.

While it’s an amazing company, I think there is a gap in the market for an actual addicts support group. We could have a 30 day medal and an emergency hotline for times like Easter and Christmas. I would obviously open up the group for any kind of food addiction. Can’t get enough custard? I’m your gal.

I do think we would need to find a third party member to lead the sessions. My love of food would probably take over if I were to take charge, and it would probably push more people off the wagon than help them on…

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