A blog I love… (Required Review for Uni)

09 Mar

Anyone who is dieting will tell you that there are many days when you feel alone and more importantly, that you are the only person in the world who is on a diet. It makes getting through the day without ripping through your emergency stash of chocolate biscuits that much harder. You walk down the street and you smell McDonald’s. You head into work and you smell doughnuts. It’s unbelievably hard. And my will is made of more rubber than iron.

Reading Diane’s blog at gives me motivation and comfort. She isn’t afraid to admit to everything every dieter does and never owns up to. It is refreshing because this isn’t a sugar coated blog. It doesn’t make losing weight out to be a piece of cake and it’s not a depressing ‘I’m-never-going-to-do-this-so-why-bother-with-life’ blog either. Each post is a short, but real insight into the world of weight watching, and she makes that world look a little less scary. I love her determination and honesty – it really hits home and makes me feel like I know her and her struggles, because I have shared them. Losing weight is a day at a time thing, and Diane captures this brilliantly. The posts are about everyday life, just as dieting is about living every day. She talks about the choices in her day and how they affect her. This is basically all dieting is. The choices we make can be good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Those choices will either give a good result or a bad result. The link Diane makes in her blog is simple, yet so true.

The blog also paints a picture of a very modest woman. She talks about people she meets in various situations and how amazing they are for doing so well. I find it ironic, because here I sit thinking how amazing this woman is for never giving up and saying to myself that I wish I could be as determined as she is. I recommend giving her a read if you find yourself in any difficult situation – she always puts a smile on my face and she makes me feel inspired.

There are good days and bad days. Days where you dive in and swim, and days when you sink. So hearing someone else is in the exact same boat as you and that every so often they lose their oars as well is kind of like an arm band, or a rubber dinghy. Reading Diane’s stories of success and struggle can give new motivation and determination. It has helped me to understand that it’s ok if you have a bad day and it’s likely that there will be more. But the thing we must all focus on is the fact that there is a slimmer light at the end of the sometimes long tunnel, and you are not riding alone. Thanks Diane 🙂

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