Cream Teas Please

24 Mar

My first cream teas

Any real sweet fan will tell you that they could happily walk into a restaurant and order three courses all from the desert menu. I am one of these people.

My ideal meal out would be an ice cream starter (preferably chocolate and vanilla with honeycomb crunchy bits), then for the main it would have to be a warm chocolate brownie (must be made correctly or will be sent back – see cookie monster post) with vanilla bean custard, and for dessert… well, you never really know what kind of a dessert you want, you kind of have to go with your gut, so to speak. Today I am rather in the mood for sticky toffee pudding, or possibly cheesecake.

I myself could take this further and turn it into a day of desserts. I could quite easily eat nothing but puddings from sun up to sun down, or until I am sick, whichever comes first. And it would give me the perfect opportunity to indulge in the best of all British past times – Cream Teas.

Can you think of anything better than a warm scone, fresh from the oven smothered in butter, jam and the amazing yet deadly clotted cream? I really can’t. I see it as one of life’s little pleasures and quite enjoy the montage I have in my head of me sat at a nice little table with a lace tablecloth in a summery British garden somewhere with the sun on my face, indulging in a nice cup of earl grey and a delightful scone. And just now, as I look back over what I have written to check for typos (found two and made a mental note to learn to type better), I realise that the royalist craze that has overtaken our nation (a very good thing by the way) has started to mess with my head and my diet. After all, that montage I just described did sound a bit like Kate Middleton’s day standard day with the in-laws did it not?

Is double cream healthier than clotted cream?

My previous posting will inform you that I will not be satisfied until this cream scone craving had been squashed, so I decided to make some of my own. I am happy with them. I even made them healthier by replacing clotted cream with normal double cream – that has to have saved some calories surely? Even though the sun did not come out, and the Queen sadly was unable to attend due to a doctor’s appointment, I really enjoyed sitting with my cream tea and my new Karen Rose book. It was the nicest afternoon I’ve had in a long time. It’s just one more reason for me to love our British-ness. Thanks Britannia.


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