American Soul

26 Mar

I have discovered a hidden treasure in the centre of Sheffield, a confectionary Narnia if you will. This place is amazing. Unfortunately, it’s going to make me penniless and fat.

It’s called American Soul. It’s a sweet shop with sells pretty much anything American, from bacon lollipops to Willy Wonka chocolate, so it’s great for getting your daily sugar fix. I regrettably have never been to the states, but I always get the same response from people who have been there. They always say “I wish they sold such and such here in the UK!” (Such and such is not an American product that I know of, it’s just a phrase I use to represent multiple examples. Due to the fact that it’s fictional, it is not sold at American Soul) Anyway, those of you who have said that they wished lucky charms were sold here, get yourself to American Soul. Now. Seriously, go

I had my first (but not my last) taste of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups at American Soul. In the video with this feed the manager Damien said that anything with peanut butter in, people love – he is totally right. It’s like having the chance to eat peanut butter without having to eat bread – that technically means I’m saving calories so thanks Damien! I also discovered triple chocolate fudge pop tarts, (oh my god, pop tarts!) and I had to restrict myself to a half a day or I would probably have overdosed on sugar and passed out.

Taken from American Soul's facebook page

I love walking into a shop and feeling like I want to look at everything, try anything – buy everything. There’s a trinket shop in the city centre and I spend a lot of time in there just looking around going “ohhh, ahh, that’s cute, that looks interesting…” I can’t help but do this whenever I walk into American Soul, they kind of just escape out of my mouth. You really do feel like a kid in a candy store. I can already hear my credit card and jean buttons screaming.

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