Fat Tax and the Fruitful Benefits

28 Mar

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So the 20% pie tax debate has struck up old chords with the nation. Last October David Cameron was talking about adopting Denmark’s attitude and putting a ‘fat tax’ on food with more than 2.3% saturated fat. Some people did not like this idea at all. My only question is why are people under the impression that this is a bad thing?

When I started cooking in my house last year, our food bill went up about 100%. This is because I use at least 3 portions of fresh vegetables in every meal. If there was a higher tax on foods we really shouldn’t be eating, maybe foods that are good for us could be made more affordable to the modern day family. I know so many people that would rather have more available fruit and veg than crisps and pastries. Junk food is everywhere and it’s the same as shoving a cigarette in a quitter’s face – not easy to resist.

The pie tax isn’t even really a pie tax, it’s a tax on takeaway hot food which is designed to even out taxes between fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and bakeries like Greggs, who sell hot food, but did not have the same tax. I am sorry to the companies that this kind of tax will hit, and yes, it may knock £30 million off Gregg’s value, but it may lead to fewer people eating fatty food and ultimately, fewer people being overweight.

It irritates me when people complain about both sides. Like when people complain that the NHS is overworked, but then also complain when the tax on cigarettes goes up. If fewer people smoked and were overweight then there would be less need for the NHS – you cannot have it both ways people!

Let me be clear just so I am not hunted and shot – it is not about overweight people, it is about the readiness of food which leads to people becoming overweight. A tax increase on cigarettes is not discrimination against smokers just as increasing tax on fatty foods is NOT discrimination against people who are overweight. It is not about hindering, it is about helping. We should stop complaining about the price of crisps going up and start campaigning for cheaper greens. If we want a healthier nation, make it easier for us to eat healthier, and harder to eat junk.

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