Chanel vs Chocolate

16 Apr

Out of my younger sister and myself, I am fully aware that she is the fashionista and I am the fuddy duddy. Boyf selects the right shoes to compliment my outfits and in my opinion, ruffles should have died with the Tudors. But there is one thing in the fashion industry I have become very good at that I do better than the other people in my life (purely because both Boyf and little sister are natural rakes and therefore can actually pull off fashion so do not need another system), and that is Foodie Fashion.

This is not as scary as it may seem to fellow comfort clothed.  All it means is that I plan my weekly wardrobe in accordance with where I am eating out that week. For example, if I’m meeting my bestest for a catch up, we will obviously be going to Pizza Hut, and I will need my bigger size jeans because what is pizza without fudge cake? Similar to having tea without biscuits let me tell you. On the lighter side of my wardrobe for the days when my weight watcher side takes over and I curb the pepperoni craving, I have outfits designed for outings to our favourite two for £10 range where I know I can have a salad and be as happy as you can be with a salad.

This wardrobe may not be similar to that of the likes of Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell, but oddly enough, neither is my body, so my wardrobe compensates for that. Am I ever going to own a size 6 ultra slim skin tight black LBD? Maybe out of pure wishful thinking. Am I ever going to be in a position to wear it? Of course not. Why? Because I like cheesecake.

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My fear of fashion has given me an opportunity to combine two passions of mine; food and organisation (no Boyf, I do not have OCD). And the best thing is that it all combines to create another side of fashion. It’s like a nice circle of smoked Dutch cheese. Move over Gok Wan! That’s what the fashion industry would look like in my world. But I live in the real one, and I am forced to stare at sticks with boobs on as they model the summer trends which I know will never suit me. However, in the long run, I’m actually Ok with that, because I will always choose food over fashion.

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