McDonald’s McMouthfull

17 Apr

It may just be because my hands have gotten bigger with all the growing I have done between the ages of seven and 20. But I think there’s something else going on in the food industry. There was a time when I held a hamburger from McDonald’s was the size of a saucer and now it’s the size of a ten pence piece (writers tend to exaggerate for effect but you get the jist). It’s been drifting into the chocolate realm as well. People have been slating the new Cadbury Milk Tray selection for their unfavourable taste and smaller size and I’m now afraid to try the ‘new improved recipe’ because I’m worried that it will tarnish my good memories and the great times I’ve shared with the old recipe. While it does mortify me that my favourite goodies may be getting smaller and less tasty, I can’t help but wonder if it’s actually a good thing…

Before I get stoned to death, let me explain. I cannot give up chocolate. I tried, I really did. But when the time was up I just HAD to dive back into the cocoa fountain. I enjoy having an occasional fast food treat as well. Not a full blown XXL super fried fat dipped meat feast or anything, but I do like the odd cheeseburger. I think that I should really be thanking the people who made the portions smaller as much as I want to hate them for it. Maybe they are doing me a favour? I’m grumbling to myself as I write this because I really am annoyed that chocolate bars are tinier, and that 70% of a crisp packet is air. I want my food! But I have actually eaten the food haven’t I, just less of it. My taste buds are happy and my jeans aren’t as tight.

I ordered crisps, not a bag of air - facebook

Of course the other way to look at this is for me to panic because now that I know there is less substance in the packet, I can get all technical and think to myself “oh well, it means I can buy twice as much because there’s much less there…” We all have days when that really seems like the only option if we are to survive the rest of the week. It’s human nature so I can’t be held responsible for having these binged based moments of weakness. The way I see it, if all chocolate bars have become fun size, the fun should be eating lots of them – the actual ‘fun size’ bars come in a multi pack bag after all. The only message I get from that is “have fun eating all of these!” And if the ‘actual size’ are now ‘fun size’, doesn’t that mean I can eat more of them? It’s tempting, I must admit. But I will try to be strong – for you my dear darling jeans.

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