Surviving the Scales

18 Apr

This week I sucked it up and went back to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. The good news is that I was only a pound over my gold target weight. The bad news is that is half a stone heavier than I was this time last year (ahh university halls you cruel cruel mistress…)

Thankfully, my health kick has coincided with me starting to train for the annual Sheffield Race for Life (I will probably be asking you lovely readers for a donation at some point – pretty please *bats eyelashes*) so being on the treadmill again will hopefully help, although with the way my thighs are still burning, I’m not sure all this fitness crap is actually good for you.

In an attempt to truly kick the habit, I am pointing everything I eat, which isn’t much of a bother time-wise as the system is really quite easy to follow, but it does get me down sometimes. For instance, when I am in Starbucks and I quite like the look of the lemon and poppy seed muffins. They say skinny, but they lie! Or when I’m in Subway and I’m looking at a chicken pizziola on hearty Italian (oh, hearty Italian…). I can’t even bring myself to tell you what the points for these things are – the pain is still too fresh – ironic given that I chose subway as my lunch time destination because of the freshness, and now it’s causing me fresh heartache every time I think about it…

To make myself feel better about never touching sugar, bread or calories in general ever again, I decided to make some sweet treats from the Weight Watcher cook book with the intention of putting pictures up and saying, “See? Healthy stuff is tasty too! We can still enjoy life’s little pleasures.” But it turns out, this is also a lie. Don’t get me wrong, I love healthy food. It’s just that when you gear yourself up for chocolatey goodness, and you get a pile of mush, it just isn’t the same. Sorry guys – it turns out, you can’t have your cake and eat it. 😦

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