The Subway at the end of the 5k tunnel

20 Apr

This July I will be running the Race for Life 5k to support cancer research UK. I am not a runner and the thought of this distance is filling me with dread. Last year I completed the race in 48 minutes and this year we have set a target of 35 minutes. When I began training for this on Monday, it was the first time I had run this year. The long and short is, I’m terrified.

Race for Life Logo

There are three things that are keeping me going. The first is obviously that I am raising money to beat cancer, and when I cross that start line I will be wearing a plaque in memory of my grandmother who sadly lost her battle with cancer when I was young. The second is my running partner Sarah (my mum is also running with us, but she’s a fitness freak and training with her makes me feel horrendously unfit – sorry mum.) she pushes me when I don’t feel like I can do it – sometimes she has to push me on the treadmill and sometimes she has to push me through the gym doors. Whatever mental wall I put up she knocks down and punishes me for it – thanks muchly dear, I know it’s because you love me . The last and most encouraging reason for me personally is the 6 inch meatball marinara Subway I will me munching on after I cross the finish line complete with a chocolate chip cookie (running 5k surely means no pointing that day right?)

Taken from

Self-subway bribery aside, I know that I will be proud of myself for doing this – provided Sarah doesn’t kill me in the gym first. There was a fantastic atmosphere when I ran (jogged slowly) last year and I really looking forward to participating in something as important as this and actually running in it.

I have developed a self training tip that I think will really spur me on. I am going to tie a cookie to a long stick and attach that to my waist and raise it over my head so I chase the cookie. I’m pretty sure I’d chase that thing all day. When it comes to the actual race I don’t want to look like an idiot with a cookie dangling in front of me, so I’m going to fix a picture of a cookie onto the shirt of the person in front of me and chase them the whole way round. Apologies to whoever you may be if I accidentally jump on you and try to bite your back.

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