Another brick in the wall

26 Apr

I have been back on the weight watcher band wagon for two weeks now and I think I have hit what runners refer to as ‘the wall’. I have been ‘pointing’, exercising and salivating at cafe shop windows and I haven’t seen any results.
I know all the tricks as well. I wear the lightest clothing I own to the weigh-ins and I remove every trace of jewellery to minimise any chance of the scales producing a bad number. And will all the huffing and puffing I have been doing on the treadmill recently I should be getting some better feedback – if anything, I must have sweat at LEAST 3lbs out of my body just through sheer exertion. Sweat is heavy you know – must be the salt…
My weight loss worry (or lack of) has started to affect my sleep as well. I had a very strange dream last night. It’s a well known dream and instead of describing it to you, I think you might find it funnier if you see it for yourselves…

You see my predicament – I can’t escape food in my sleep no matter how much I behave in the day. I woke up with dribble running down the side of my face, a grumbling in my tummy and I kid you not… I could smell chocolate. Everyone feels a little hazy in the mornings and this for me manifests in less self control. If I had had any naughty food in the house this morning, I would have eaten it.
The people who know me will read this and then they will put a comment on facebook or on here telling me that I don’t need to be so worried about losing weight because I ‘don’t need to’. But dieters will tell you that the worse bit is keeping it off and I haven’t done that last bit very well. I’m also trying to get a bit ahead of the game in time for the all inclusive holiday in June which I know will pay for later if I don’t act first.

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But despite my best efforts, I am not doing as well as I planned and I don’t really know why. Short of me moving into the gym and sleep-running, I don’t see an increase in exercise in the immediate (or distant) future. Plus the only really bad thing I ate was a giant cup cake that actually jumped onto my lap and threatened to shoot a puppy if I didn’t eat it – the cupcake, not the puppy (this may be a lie but I’ll sleep better if I tell myself it wasn’t my fault). I guess it was a bigger brick in that wall than I thought…

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