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Downward Dog

I took up yoga last year in an effort to harness my inner Chi (whatever that means).

I never found the Chi, but it did have a massive impact on my life. I found myself sleeping better and not feeling as stressed. I started the Yoga with Adriene 30 days of yoga programme, and I really enjoyed it.

For one reason or other, I ended up stopping for a few months, so I made it my resolution for 2016 to start up again. I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to doing it every day, so I’ve said at least three times per week.

Her new programme, yoga camp, is ace. She gives you options for different levels, and it all just feels very relaxed. Perfect for me. So I started the tutorial. I enjoyed it and felt great. I’d found, much like re-starting the blog, that it didn’t take much to get back on the horse.

The difference between this time round and last time around, was the addition of our furry friend, Pixie the Puggle.

Have you ever seen the videos of people trying to do yoga with pets in the room? Well, that’s what has happened to me every time I try to do yoga.

Our dog is very loving and devoted to us, which means if she’s worried about us, she lets us know. So when I reached the end of the video and I was settling into the deep breathing, Pixie began to think I was dying, which led her to jump up and down on me furiously and lick my face.

When I started giggling and she realised I was fine, she laid on top of me and started chewing her bone. Yoga session over.

But I’ve been keeping with it, even with the doggy lifeguard. I’m already feeling better. I’ve not particularly lost weight, but my body feels a bit tighter, and my jeans feel looser. To anyone playing with the idea of yoga, but unsure where to start, look up Adriene – you will not regret it.

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Balancing the Scales

Those who know me will tell those who don’t that I have a slight tendency to worry about things: money, work, weight, the fact that we are slowly running out of chocolate…

The main thing I worry about though, is worrying. Do I spend too much time worrying about work, and not enough time worrying about how many workouts a week my puggle is getting? Do I spend too much time worrying about money and not enough time worrying about how I spend my time? Do I spend too much time worrying about how much I weigh and not enough time actually enjoying the food I can eat? Most definitely.

I’m worried about finding the balance between work and play. How much more time should my mind spend in the office than my body does and how much time in the day should I dedicate to stressing about whether I’m doing a good job while my body is actually in the office. Is it OK not to worry about work even though I often deal with people whose entire livelihood is in my hands? Am I going mad here?

How do you find the balance? How do people successfully juggle all that and not manage to worry about any of it too much? I honestly have no idea. I don’t think I’m ever going to be one of those people. I’d be too stressed out over not worrying that I’d probably give myself a complex. I do yoga sometimes to find my inner chill, but there is always at least one point in every session where I worry I’m not doing it right.

Then I found this video:

It now makes total sense.

I know I may spend too much time worrying about work, about my genetically impaired pooch, and worrying itself. Yes, I do clean too much (but honestly, that’s now become more of a weekly workout than a chore now), but I do put the important bits in the jar first as well.

Yes, I do focus maybe too much on my job sometimes, but I always want to make sure I’ve got time to put the people in my life above my source of income; I may fill my jar with an awful lot of sand, but it is just that – sand. It’s tiny bits of grit that I overthink because it’s a personality flaw, but I’ve got my big priorities straight. And while I may not be cured of my overthinking – it’s comforting to know that there is always room for chocolate.



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A very big KitKat

I took a break. A long break.

It’s not like I wasn’t doing things in the meantime. I got engaged, finished University, got an actual proper job that actually enables me to live, got married, bought a dog, bought a house (well, nearly), and BOOM! It’s 2016, I’ve put a stone on, and I’m looking at a blog I haven’t touched in three years and thinking “Hey, why the heck did I let all that life stuff get in the way of keeping this going?”

I thought about starting again completely, but that would be like switching from Weight Watchers to Slimming World when the road gets a bit bumpy – it’s fine for some people, but it’s not my style. I’ve changed since I started this blog, I even have a different name now, but it’s still a part of who I was, who I am, who I want to be. Plus, there’s some pretty funny stuff on here, and it’s nice to look back to what was going on back then.

So this is Chapter 2.

As I said… I’ve put a stone on. I was in three weddings in 2015 (my own being the last) and the thrill of having no dress to worry about fitting in at all ever again; or at least for the rest of the year, took over my already weak willpower.

I haven’t even actually made the most of it. I’d love to say I did a Julia Roberts and went up a dress size because I was exploring the tastes of Italy, but I didn’t. I mostly drank a lot of mid range wine, and ate a lot of chocolate. I did, however, discover a wonderful Chinese takeaway that deep fries shredded duck pancakes… which is as close to Eat Pray Love as I’m going to get this side of 40.

But no, I’m not jumping ship, I’m just setting a new course. I’m sure the other eating plans work fine for most people, but I’m not ready to give up on what got me to gold just yet, although my free membership has most definitely expired. I’m not quite ready to actually get on the scales yet, but it feels good to be flexing the old muscles a bit and seeing what I’ve still got.

I’ve got good feelings for Chapter 2…



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