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RAM that in your gob and chew on it.

I am an operating system. OS Mo Version 24.3.7 to be exact. My core programming is fairly basic. I require a certain amount of input from other sources to run properly, the odd re-boot now and again, and I work better with some programmes than others.

I recently integrated with another awesome operating system through the marriage method, and the future is looking very optimistic. In future, we will probably create little programmes of our own and grow our own network.

Sometimes I download too much crap and become slow and sluggish. I fact right now, I am contemplating downloading about 2gb worth of cookie dough ice cream, and I know this will affect the way my software looks, but I don’t much care at the moment. Here’s why.

Like most operating systems, I need to upgrade to keep myself up to date and useful. I get add-ons, and tweaks; I am taught things to make my programming more effective.

And yet…

It seems of late, all I am being told to do is improve. It doesn’t matter how much I actually work, there’s always another upgrade, always another tweak to make the users happy.

Here’s the thing though. No matter how much you update software, if it’s the only programme in the system being updated, then the whole system is going to be shite. It’s all good and well telling one system to try try try while you sit on your laurels, but if that system is built to bake cookies, it’s never going to fly. It’s like spending all your time ensure iTunes is on point, to find you’re trying to use it with Internet Explorer 6 – it’s never going to blooming work. If this is how sky net felt, I’m not surprised it went crazy and blew up humanity. It may have been a little out there, but he got his point across…

I may not understand how to build programmes or how they come to be what they are, but I know how they should work, and how they should behave.

So, here’s my message to the programmers, the de-buggers, and just the plain buggers. OS Mo is f***ing awesome, and I’m not inclined to lower myself to the Internet Explorers of the world. OS Mo isn’t going anywhere, so stop fighting it and work with it. It’s so much easier when systems talk to each other and not behind their figurative backs. <p>eace out.


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