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Going Mouldy

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Been left too long…

Somewhere down the road, I stopped writing. I didn’t write down my food, I didn’t write down my ideas, and then low and behold, I was back at square one.

Jeans got tighter, well written blogs went unpublished, I lost myself trying to get other, ‘more important’ things done. I went stale. I’ve not used them enough, so my writing’s gone off and my weight’s gone up.

And so, with a heavy heart I went crawling back to my weekly meeting with my tail between my legs. I wore the lightest thing possible and shunned all jewellery in a desperate bid to retain some pride, which was stupid because I then looked ridiculous standing in a school hall in the middle of January, freezing to death because I was wearing nothing but leggings and a vest. Even so, I sucked it up, or in, and gingerly stepped on the scales. For the first time in a year and a half, I was out of my gold range.

The nice thing about going back to weight watchers is that everyone is so understanding and supportive. No one looks at you and goes, “Oh you stupid woman, have you no self control?” We are all in it together. You don’t have that when you write. There’s no one standing over your shoulder saying, “You should publish that, no don’t just save it and ‘come back to it later’ because you never will.”

So I’m adopting healthy body healthy paper, or something to that effect. I work on one, the other seems to improve as well, but I have to keep it up if I want to get better. I can’t go off the rails and worry about it later. I have to acknowledge when things have gone awry and work to improve them, to make sure I don’t go off again.

I’m baking a fresh batch, I’m starting anew, turning a new leaf so the weight’s off my shoulders (and now my thighs,thankfully). I’m back in my gold range and I am publishing again. It’s funny how writing and weight loss work together to form one giant stress bomb which leaves me running for the emergency chocolate.

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Dear Santa Claus

Mr Claus,
It’s been a long time since I wrote you a list
And this one’s not too long, I am asking just this…
An inch off the arms, two off the waist,
And could you please do this without compromising taste.
I can’t give up bread or sacrifice cheese,
But I’d love to slip into that outfit with ease.
I’m dreaming of dresses, tight fitted and fine
But it’s not worth the loss of the chocolate praline.
I could do it the hard way and keep my wish quiet,
But Christmas is no time to be on a diet!
So could you please fix it? I won’t let it slip
That you’re the real reason I’ve got smoother hips.
I want to look tasteful in that little black dress,
But I cannot achieve it through living off cress.
I’d be ruining Christmas by avoiding the food,
I’d be dampening the spirit and souring the mood.
So you see, it’s quite selfless, it’s not all about weight,
I’m rescuing Christmas, and not just my gait.

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I am a woman who works on whims. Having several different hobbies and focusing on one for a few weeks and then changing to another keeps things interesting. Flavour of the month at the minute is jigsaws. Note my fabulous work below…

It was a pain in the bum if I’m completely honest. A good quarter of the thing is black, so when we got to the end, it was a matter of trying to match up the shape of the jigsaw pieces to the gap to make them fit. And to top it all off the pieces are all ridiculously similar, so we got half of them in the wrong place at first. The last little bit was the part that took the longest. It got me thinking about weight watchers.
‘She’s lost her marbles’ you say. Not true. When you reach your target weight it’s a great feeling, but then you have to stay there and that my friends is harder than it looks. When I talk to people about going to weight watchers the first response is ‘why are you going there? You don’t need to do that…’ People don’t realise that it’s got to become a way of life or you end up right back at that number you promised yourself you would never see again. Putting those last little pieces into place can take forever, but they are the most important steps – they complete the picture.
What happens when you complete the jigsaw? You look at it for a while, and it’s very pretty and you feel proud because you finished the thing, but then what? You take it to pieces and put it back in the box until the next jigsaw whim. If you take the puzzle to pieces you have to start all over again – a daunting task for most people, especially with a puzzle so big. The thought puts you off, so you leave it and leave it until you find you can’t even be bothered any more.
There is a little solution for jigsaws. When you disassemble it, keep the edge pieces in a separate bag, so that when you go back to it, you know you have that boost to get you started. There’s no point in making things more complicated for yourself is there?

My analogy isn’t foolproof. Taking your hard work to pieces where a diet is concerned is not a good idea, but keeping the foundations so you know they are always there is essential. The last few pieces of the puzzle are hard. But it’s worth it to see that final result. It’s the kind of jigsaw that you spray with glue and frame.

It feels the kind of jigsaw that you’ll be doing forever. It’s always there, you’re always adding pieces. Sometimes the pieces get put in the wrong place, and sometimes you feel like giving up and putting it back on the shelf. If you are never going to fully finish it and be done, then is it really worth all the hassle? Sometimes the answer is no, the result is not worth the effort you have put in. You’re trying your best and working hard, but you’re only fitting one or two pieces out of it. These days CANNOT defeat you. The good days will come – promise!

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